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We believe that anybody should be able to ride horses.

We believe that finances are a lousy reason to tell someone that they can't learn to ride.

We believe that being around horses is good for humans, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We believe in cleaning stalls.

We believe in community. We believe that life is better with friends, and if those friends like horses, well, that's just swell.

We believe that being outside is GOOD. Especially for kids. But for grown-ups, too.

We don't believe in just showing up and riding. We believe in getting your hands dirty, feeling your horse's soft fur, and getting to know your horse before climbing on.

We believe that it is okay for only one person to win a blue ribbon. We also believe that it is okay to be frustrated about this, as long as you take a deep breath and resolve to try again.

We believe in living a life of abundance, not of scarcity.

There is always enough.



Elizabeth Trier
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The Barn at Tumbling T Ranch is a 501c3 Charitable Organization, #46-3459955.
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